I just got off the

I just got off the phone with Anne Kapler, a reporter from the Courier, who interviewed me about weblogging, of all things! The story will run some time next week, and of course I'll link to it, as long as I don't seem like an idiot in the interview (just kidding). I tried to be as honest as possible with her, and she was very nice, though she asked some hard questions. For instance, who is the target audience of my weblog? That's a great question, I wish I had a great answer for it, but the real answer is "I don't know". Sure, some of my family and friends read the site, but I don't even pretend that they're interested in many of the computer things I write about, so they're certainly not my target audience. Then again, I don't hold my weblog up as some great example of what weblogs could be, it's merely an average weblog at best. She also wanted to know what my opinions about what the future held for weblogs, and more about their nature and the philosophy behind them. Let me make my disclaimer right here, I'm not offering myself up as a self-proclaimed expert on weblogs, my opinions are my own, and they may very well be assinine, but if you don't like them, write your own weblog!

I'd write more about what I said, but I'll wait for the article to come out first, in the hopes that a professional writer can make me seem more coherent and less rambling than I really am. :)