Now I'm depressed, Virginia Heinlein,

Now I'm depressed, Virginia Heinlein, wife of the late Science Fiction Grand Master Robert A. Henlein, died in her sleep on Saturday. RAH is my personal favorite writer of all time, and I know from his writings what a fantastic woman she was, and how much of an inspiration, and a companion, she was to him during their marriage, and his numerous health difficulties. Robert died back in 1988, but Virginia gladly adopted his fan base, and would write letters back to many of RAH's fans, long after his death. [Found via Al] I'd always meant to get around to writing her a letter, telling her how much I enjoyed her husband's work, and now I can't. :(

Though it's not in print anymore, track down a copy of Tramp Royale, for some wonderful insight into their relationship. And no, you can't borrow my copy.

Ginny, like Robert, will be greatly missed, now that they've both Sailed Beyond The Sunset.