How to get the negative

How to get the negative attention of your sysadmins, in 6 easy steps: 1. Chew up 2GB of space on the volume for user data on the server, so that the admin starts wondering where it went. 2. Make sure that you used pirated copies of computer games to chew up such data, so that it's obviously not legitimate course material or anything. 3. Put your pirated games in your "web" folder that's readable by everyone, to ensure that you've turned the university's server into your own personal Warez site. 4. In the same folder, have a few .jpg files starting with the sysadmins' names, as well as a few faculty, so it's sure to draw their attention when they find the folder. 5. Also have a text file in there called hotornot.txt with usernames and passwords to listing all the bogus accounts you created in the names of faculty and the sysadmins. 6. Sit back and wait to be noticed.

Some people just aren't smart. I'm planning my retaliation now, if you'd care to vote on my apparent hotornot site, it's here. And here is my co-worker Tom's. As this student is employed in our computer lab, I'd say that their prospects for continued employment just dropped considerably. But, since Tom is the one in charge of the labs, it's up to him. :)