In case anyone is wondering

In case anyone is wondering what became of the student from yesterday's tale, he's still employed. Barely. Here's what Tom sent him, and his reply:

[Student], We have a problem. Because of the free space problems on the server, Seth did a report on which users were using the most disk space and found that you were sharing 2GB from your web folder. Unfortunately, not only were you eating up a ton of space, it was with game demos and/or pirated games. Either way, sharing it to the world via the g:\web "FTP" folder was not cool.

Moreover, as Seth was looking at your web folder, which is freely viewable by anyone, he noticed pictures of him, me, [Professor 1] and [Professor 2]. Not knowing at first what reason you'd have those pictures in there, he then noticed the hotornot.txt. Sure enough, he put 2+2 together and found the links to our pictures on the site.

Seth hasn't notified [Professor 1] or [Professor 2] about the links yet, although he might. One thing for sure, you definitely got our attention. Here's what Seth posted on his blog page:


- Tom

The student replied with this:


this is a very, very embarrassing moment. i apologize and i didn't think i was causing harm with the thing. i just found all the pictures of csbs staff on the internet, and only for my silly amusement, i posted the pictures on as for the sharing of the files, i was not aware that i had pirated games shared, but i remember i put command & conquer generals on the network (i didn't know it was pirated because it was on the lab attendent's station, i didn't put it there, i just assumed everything with it was fine). i wanted to see if i could play other people across the lab in case finals week was going to be dead. but my experiment didn't work and i foolishly forgot to delete the program from the shared folder. i never felt any of these were mean-spirited or had any intention of commiting wrong acts. if they were to be meant that way, i would have been a lot more careful about keeping them. i'm sorry for the problems i've caused you guys this summer, i had no idea any of this would be an issue or blow up like it has. i read seth's website, kinda funny, tell him i'm sorry too. if you want to tell the other professors from the hotornot site about it, that's fine. i apologize to them too. anyone i used was either a professor of mine or i had personal contact with them such as you, seth, and [Professor 1]. some friends and i used to do the same thing in the past and looked at it as a practical joke that was only for my amusement, not a rip into the staff as i see it's been taken. if you think that these are enough to fire me then i will have to take it, but i'm not resigning because none of this was meant to be taken this way. again, i'm sorry for all of the crap that you guys went through on this. i never had any negative feelings towards any of you guys, and i won't have any no matter what you decide is my fate. thanks tom, and i'm sorry.