I don't know if you've

I don't know if you've ever tried to cancel an AOL account before, but it's a pain. They have uber-scripts for their service people for every possible situation, to try to entice you to stay. I no longer needed the one I'd been using for travel, so I called up to cancel today, and I was dreading the 20 questions game already. So, I devised a scheme to get me off the phone quickly, without being a total jerk to the customer service slave, I figured there had to be some scenario in their scripts that didn't lead to suggesting another level of service or pointing out a way they could continue to bill you for something: Him: Why would you like to cancel your account? Me: Uh, I sold my computer, and I'm not getting another one. Him: So...you just sold your computer, and you're not going to go online? Me: I'm also moving to Europe. Him: You're moving to Europe? Me: Umm, yep, that's it, I'm moving to Europe.

Only took me 3 minutes to cancel my account, that's a record.

Oh, and I didn't sell my computer, and I'm not moving to Europe.