That's one of the blurbs

That's one of the blurbs over at The Onion, and it made me laugh, because I wasn't all that impressed by the blackout. During the Great Halloween Ice Storm of '91, our farm was without power for five days, so those sissy city boys with their 24 hour blackout don't impress me much. Did I mention it got down into the 30s, inside our house during that week? After 3 days, when we could actually make it to town, and back to school, I had to go in early to shower in the locker room, since we didn't have power or heat at home. We finally resorted to lighting numerous candles at home, to keep the pipes from freezing, as there wasn't a kerosene heater or generator to be bought for hundreds of miles in every direction at that point. Being without power for 12-24 hours, unless you're stuck in an elevator or an iron lung, doesn't really impress me all that much, sorry. :)