Well, all the college students

Well, all the college students are returning to campus in Iowa, which means our network connectivity blows. They're all plugging in their computers, which aren't properly patched, so they're getting hit with the Blaster worm and its ilk almost immediately. It's not affecting our computers here on the proper campus network, as we've got those ports blocked between the dorms and the rest of campus, but I know they lack that setup at ISU. Unfortunately, all three of the state universities share the ICN, our statewide fiber-optic network, and the ICN has been suffering under the massive load caused by all this garbage. It was so bad this morning, I couldn't get much work done, because our internet connections constantly timed out as the ICN routers were stressed to the point of failure. Fortunately, I found a workaround, I'm VPN'ed into my home network, which works well, as I can route around the ICN. I can do this, because Cedar Falls Utilities is my ISP at home, and they have a 100Mbit bridge between their network and UNI, so my traffic between work and home all flows down that pipe, rather than through the beleaguered ICN. I'm limited to 1.5Mbits of bandwidth (my upload speed cap at home) but at least it's stable! Update: I see Gary shares my pain with the ICN.