I Hate Netscape

I really despise Netscape Communicator. The browser war is over, and Microsoft won by a landslide. Here's a short list of why I hate Netscape Communicator:

  • No PGP Plugin for Messenger
  • Installs AOL Instant Messager, with no option to refuse it
  • Installs said Messager over existing Messager program, which is generally newer.
  • The nifty blue lines on this sitewhich separate each day don't look right in Netscape, they have a white line in between the cells.
  • Netscape doesn't store it's user info with Windows user info, you're left with the clunky profile manager program for something that should be handled automatically.
  • It hasn't been significantly updated in a year
  • It has a "Shop" button now
  • Installs outdated versions of RealPlayer, even if there were newer version available when that version of Netscape was released
  • Installs old versions of Winamp, into a separate directory than your existing Winamp, but then grabs all the file associations.

    Does anyone have any to add? Post em below in the discussion links, and I'll add them here.

    While I don't claim that Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the end-all-be-all of Web Browsers, it's much easier to use and administer than Netscape's product is. If Mozilla pans out, it could be really nice, but don't expect an endorsement from me for at least 6 months.