New Beginnings

I'm back! Did you miss me? I've really slacked off in updating this page, mostly because I've been preparing for moving. Yesterday, I moved from Waterloo to Cedar Falls, into some university-owned apartments. I've now got an entire 2-bedroom place to myself for a pittance more than I paid for my half of the 2-bedroom duplex I lived in before. Besides getting a new place to live, I've been setting up my new work computer. I think it's ready for a stress-test tomorrow. It's a Dell Dimension Pentium III, clocking in at 850mhz. I've already made some "customizations" to it, so it's less than a week old, and has already been turned into a amalgamation of vendor parts. Here are the stats:

  • Intel Pentium III 850 mhz CPU
  • 384 MB of PC100 SDRAM
  • 20.4 GB 7200 RPM UTA-66 Hard Drive
  • 12X DVD-ROM
  • Aureal Vortex 2 3-D Sound Card
  • 32MB Nvidia TNT2 AGP Video card, attached to Gateway VX1100 21" monitor
  • 16MB 3Dfx Voodoo 3 2000 PCI video card, attached to an Apple 15" LCD Flat Panel Display
  • Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
  • Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
  • Windows 2000

    It's almost as fast as that new server John is getting!