Mother of all hypocrisies

U.S. Representative Ed Schrock has abrubtly withdrawn from his reelection bid, after allegations that he was gay surfaced on a weblog a few weeks ago. Oh, and there are audio tapes of him trying to arrange trysts for gay sex. Normally, that'd be no big deal, but this guy was one of the most conservative members of Congress and co-sponsored the proposed Anti-Gay Marriage amendment. He's also scored a 92% favorable rating from the Christian Coalition. Think they'll take back their endorsement now?

There's more, including an audio clip, and a transcript of one of the phone sex calls at Raw Story.

The Virginia Pilot reported in October 2000 that Schrock favored ending the Clinton administration's ''don't ask, don't tell'' policy on gays in the military, BlogActive noted.

"He supports asking enlistees whether they have had homosexual experiences in an effort to to try to keep gays from serving. 'You're in the showers with them, you're in the bunk room with them, you're in staterooms with them,' Schrock said."

Indeed, Schrock should know, he was in the Navy for 24 years, rising from Ensign to the rank of Captain.

And, while normally I wouldn't consider being gay a reason to quit, it strikes me as more than a bit of poetic justice that Schrock is now out of a job, considering he voted against protecting homosexuals from discrimination in the workplace.