Black Holes

Sometimes I think I'm the only one who paid attention in physics class. I caught a review of the new Apple Pro mouse over at CNN, via Slashdot, and this comment struck me as being wrong the second I saw it: The mouse won't work on surfaces that pass through or reflect light, such as glass tabletops or mirrors. Otherwise, the sky's the limit.

Okay, now look around your desk and try to find something that doesn't reflect light.... I'll wait....

Find anything? Unless you've got a black hole lurking around your office, I'm guessing you didn't. Why? Because if it doesn't reflect light, you can't see it!

I now have a G4 under my desk. It isn't one of the fancy-pants multiple processor models, and it's only there temporarily, but I am using an Apple product right now. I'm playing with the services for Macintosh on my Windows 2000 servers, and I got tired of trekking across the hall to ask the mac guys to try to connect to this share, or try to print to this printer, when I'd rather just tinker myself. I do have one of the new Pro mice and keyboards, but I'm not using them.

I decided not to use the keyboard, because I've got an LCD display hooked up to the Mac, and the older keyboards fit in that little groove under the display, so that I may reclaim the desk space when I'm not using that computer.

I chose to hook up a Microsoft Intellimouse w/Intellieye, rather than the Pro mouse. I'm smart enough to remember what two buttons and a scroll wheel do, and frankly, the pro mice remind me of the StupidaMouse.

So how did we get some of the pro keyboards and mice, without the new Multi-Processor G4? We got in an order of the new iMac DV's. I actually like the new colors. While I haven't seen "Sage" yet, the "Indigo" and "Ruby" models we have received are pure eye candy. The colors are rich and deep, and they're intrinsically appealing.

I might try out the Pro mouse, just to get a feel for it, as soon as I track down a controlled singularity to run it over...