Bike Trek

I went out and bought myself a bike! No, not a motorcycle, the kind you pedal. Since I now live a little more than a mile from work, it seemed like such a waste to drive my car, but it was slightly farther than was convenient to walk. The solution? A bicycle! I've wanted a Trek since the first moment I rode one in my freshman year at college, but I've never been able to afford one. Today, I bit the bullet, and got myself a nice Trek 4300. I got the "Inkwell" color choice, not the flashy red and black one that's featured on that page.

And no, I didn't pay an outrageous amount for it, I have no desire to own a bike that cost over half what my car did. I paid a reasonable $329, which is a price that I can live with for a quality bicycle.


I took it out for a good five-mile ride this evening. I really like it, I just need to get my legs in better shape! I'm also not as nimble as I was at age 12, I've got to re-learn how to take corners at higher speeds, so I stop riding like a sissy.