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Wow, the White House Press Corps took Scott McClellan out behind the woodshed today, as this video shows. I had flashbacks to the West Wing episode where Josh disastrously intimates that the President has a "secret plan to fight inflation". Scott was in hyper-weaseling mode, absolutely refusing to answer ANYTHING about the leak regarding Valerie Plame, and not even willing to stand by previous comments that he or the President made about the matter in the past, he just kept repeating the "ongoing criminal investigation" mantra.

McClellan implied that the prosecutor asked him not to talk about the case, and that's why he clammed up, but he refused to say when the prosecutor asked him to stop talking about it, since he's been quite willing to talk about this "ongoing criminal investigation" in the past. He even ducked the question of whether or not the President would stand by his pledge to fire someone who was found to be the leaker, under the "criminal investigation" white flag. So, let me get this straight, there's an ongoing criminal investigation, which is clearly very serious, so we can't talk about it. But, if we actually find this serious criminal at the end of this serious investigation, we're not actually ready to commit to firing him or her.