Midwestern Mythmaking in Iowa

Since Jim Nussle, our crappy congressman, is now trying to be our next crappy governor, that has left our congressional seat open, and a really nasty campaign is now underway to fill it.  The non-partisan Factcheck.org weighs in with reality checks on the campaign commercials of our two lead candidates, which are both bad, though I'd argue that Whalen's (R) commercials are worse than Braley's (D).  An out-of-context quote is pretty shitty, but calling someone a Communist and attempting to make a pre-9/11 defense budget strategy seem like a current plan to gut the military is prime Republican sleaze.  And, frankly, a candidate has no control over who "endorses" him.

So, I hereby form a group called "The Coalition to Force Our Children to Be Gay Atheist Terrorist FemiNazis" and I'm endorsing Mike Whalen as our choice for Congress.