Moving on

God I hate it when I'm right. It did come down to Ohio, we haven't even figured out who won the Hawkeye State yet, but it didn't really matter. I guess I could have voted for Nader after all... What I'm most depressed by is the passage of all 11 of the anti-gay marriage ammendments. The idea that 11 states of the country of my birth would ammend their Constitutions with this type of bigotry in the year 2004 makes me ill. Does anyone really think that 40 or 50 years from now, we won't be looking back on this era with the same type of disgust and incredulity with which we now view Jim Crow laws? The trend of history is pretty clear on these matters, human rights eventually prevail, and those that stood in the way forever have their good names tarnished by the bigotry and hate they spouted in return for some cheap political capital.

That said, if anyone in a nice rational country (where they don't decide the election based on the "word" of an Invisible Man Who Lives In The Sky) needs to hire a techie, I'm all ears.